Mind & its attributes

What is "Mind?"
Mind refers to the processes where the thinking, understanding, analyzing, decision making , memorization, etc.. take place. There is no exact description of mind is available to us.
Mind is said to be located in the brain.

Some people say , it is the Heart where mind resides.

According to me, Mind is in the brain only. Because, whenever we make concentrated efforts to complete a work or solve a problem,we can feel some sort of strain or fatigue in the head which actually the mind itself.

Attributes of Mind
I have never seen my mind but the mind now ordered me to write this.
To my knowledge, Mind has certain attributes as given below:
1) No form or shape
2) Invisible but known to the individual self only. Others cannot see also.

3) Output of Mind can be displayed as Speech, Reactions, Poetry, Sculpture, and anything resulting from mind activity

4) Controls and rules the activities of the body

5) Influenced by External factors like New climate, food, book reading, etc.